A magnificent project thanks to the professionalism of Qingjian Realty.

The arrangement reached within the Shunfu Ville Enbloc opens the opportunity to gain access to a modern home with the capability of location in a place that has been at the mercy of urbanization in the past will be surrounded by street infrastructure services, commercial companies, and training to serve people.

This field has a pair of important destinations, on the one hand, the path network that will connects it with the rest of the city and so on the other your proximity on the Marymount MRT station and in the long run, to the Johnson metro station, made for 2020
The concept developed by the company Qingjian Realty is going to be that of a condo with internal amenities to help make the life of the residents comfortable and that the place covers the needs of its inhabitants in terms of enjoyable and entertainment. In this regard, the blueprint of advancement has locations for the apply of exercising such as tennis games, jogging or practice to train routines while working out, but also in order to meet the leisure needs with the smallest members of the family, therefore integrating areas of online games and highways to walk using babies and kids. It will also end up being possible to invest a day going swimming in the pool and enjoying making a barbeque grill.
This development called Jadescape Condo, is made for people who similar to comfort and comfort, so the real estate units to produce will have the technological developments of hands free operation typical of a modern home using one of the 1000 units that may house, is going to be It is possible to pick from those of just one room, as much as those of greater size that will have 2 or 3. The landscapes can also be picked between people who face the actual Shunfun road as well as those that face the Marymount street.
Give your family members the opportunity to are in an atmosphere of luxury and comfort without having to waste time throughout transfers.