Tips to increase your twitter followers

Day by day advancement in technology has brought lot of changes in our life style. Technology has become the part of our life that can’t be imparted. In this competitive world it has become necessary to get yourself updated with the technology. Social media is also become the major factor in increasing the popularity. Either it is a small business or it is a large scale business it is very important for the every twitter user to increase his or her friends and following. As more will be the followers, more will be the number of people knowing you and today popularity is very important factor to make any business successful. Either you are a star or a small business man or large scale business man.

1. Profile: Your profile should be attractive so that more will be the number of people get aware of you so make your profile as the cynosure of eyes to increase your twitter followers.
2. Headshots: Use headshots in your profile picture. Doesn’t use logo show the real person behind your brand by using your personal photo?
3. Use tweet this: Tweet this word press plug-in to embed content boxes on your blog or website.
4. References: While replying to your tweeter posts you must be careful to write their name after your reply is completed by using at symbol. You can also free twitter followers through these references.
5. Weekends: Use tweeting technique on weekends it has been found that according to research of Dan Zarrella research that brands get 17% more engagement on weekends than during weeks.
6. Follow button: Follow button will also help you in increasing your twitter followers as it will be easy for them to follow you.
7. Motivational and inspirational posts: Use motivational and inspirational tweets to increase your followers. It would be a great attractive factor.