National Monument Chaco canyon shows the largest discovery through the

The national park Chaco canyon, are old structures clearly recognized by humanity as they belonged to indigenous groups that were identified as ruins that have been rebuilt by the Anasazi, name provided to the tribes and indicates old enemy.
The Anasazi populated the Chaco canyon between 800 and 1150, Chaco canyon is situated northwest of New Mexico between Albuquerque and Farmington, these ruins were declared a Planet Heritage Web site by Unesco on December eight, 1987.

The Chaco canyon book explains in detail how the Anasazi started colonization from the 1st century, where there had been other settlements such as the Verde table, nevertheless the sacred temple for them was the Chaco canyon, it was just like the center of pilgrimage to execute their rituals.
For its component it may be noted that the Chaco canyon, has been the subject of study by John Kantner, and his students of archeology, belonging to the University of Georgia, who've performed various research and excavations, within the area of both the Chaco canyon as in its surroundings reaching to acquire very handful of resources simply because because of the lack of population and maintaining a high percentage of more water, more stone and wood came to be consecrated as a temple religious temple, all this in accordance with what's explained in an audiovisual that was published through a chaco canyon dvd where additionally, it clearly explains that even though it is unknown which religion these tribes belonged to, archaeologists believe that they had "a dark and mysterious side".
A new method that shows the revival from the Chaco national park, exactly where the fantastic story from the discovery that was produced in Chaco canyon is recreated, by means of the screens of one's Computer regardless of your place, due to the ingenuity of https: / / exactly where folks can experience 14 three-dimensional recreations due to a program that resembles the reality of the time
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